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We take our mission to heart and do our best to live up to it. Our purpose is to promote the arts through musical performance and education.


Your support will help us bring our two newest projects to life:


Education Concert Series

We showcase local school music programs and help foster a sense of community by forging relationships with the teachers and students that create the vibrant and lively music scene all across the Greater Houston Region. We use this opportunity to work with students let them enjoy working with professionals on music they are learning for contests. We also work hard to ensure band directors are given an opportunity to grow their program through positive experiences and a great concert! For students who are not yet in high school, we create an impact by showcasing the instruments of the band and performing music that they may be playing as future high school musicians.


Rehearsal Assistance Program

The Houston Wind Symphony will work with band directors to provide them the assistance they need to prepare for their performances. Often, before a major contest, band directors find themselves needing more teachers to assist in rehearsals then they have available. The Houston Wind Symphony will make those teachers available to band directors at no cost to the school. Whether the teachers are our own musicians or the private instructors from the school, their needs will be met.


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